Friday, June 10, 2011

Frugal Friday

Welcome to Frugal Friday on Adventurous Beginnings!

Frugal Friday will always consist of a piece of money saving advice or a story of how my family has been able to pinch a few pennies along the way.

I have a GREAT story to share with you for our first Frugal Friday!

I grew up camping as a child and my husband and I knew that we would have to camp for our family vacations, in hopes that we could enjoy long weekends away, and even a few weeks away, we don’t have much money in our budget for hotels.

Last summer we were getting ready to go camping for the first time as a family with Mr. T’s  side of the family. At the time Little Might was only 2 months old and the thought of trying to tent camp with a newborn was not very appealing, likewise I was feeling as if I needed/wanted some of the luxurious of a bed and electricity, I still had few aches from pregnancy complications . So to say the least tenting was becoming more of not an option for us. So Mr. T and I put our thinking caps on and went to one of our favorite websites, Craigslist.

We started to look at pop-up campers. We found many campers in the thousand dollar range, we just had a baby that was not going to work. Than we found a 93 Jayco 12 footer with a king and a queen bed, for only $300.
Praise God!!!

As one might of guessed though it was NOT in excellent condition it was EXTREMELY dirty inside and the canvas was all moldy.But with a lot of elbow grease and I mean a lot, gallons upon gallons of Chlorine, Hot Sun, and disinfectant, we were able to turn our $300 into a wonderful investment filled with many memories and that is just after 1 summer. 

Now the three of us are ready for many more adventures this summer. Starting this weekend. We are headed to the GREAT state of WI to go camping with my family.

I promise to have pictures for you next week.

Have a great day, and stay tuned for Saturday Sabbath Sense, tomorrow. Don't forget become a follower by next Wednesday and you will be entered into a drawing to receive a $10 Target Gift Card.


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